The people behind the RLum.Network

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Brice Lebrun

Brice is a geochronologist working as Research Engineer at the Research Center for Applied Physics in Archaeology.

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Christian Laag

Christian is geographer and R enthusiast interested in chronology and the stratigraphy of terrestrial sedimentary archives (for instance, loess deposits). As a member of the palaeomagnetism research group at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris he is currently working on his PhD thesis. Christian joined the RLum.Network in late 2019 when he co-authored the RLumCarlo.

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Christoph Burow

Christoph is a Geoscientist and IT enthusiast. Between 2013 and 2019 Christoph was a core developer of the Luminescence. In parallel he developed and maintained RLumShiny. He left academia in 2019 to become a professional software developer.

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Christoph Schmidt

Geomorphologist, geochronologist, Quaternary scientist, geoarchaeologist.

My research interests are the timing of processes shaping the Earth’s surface and the interactions of humans and their environment, mainly in the Palaeolithic.

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Johannes Friedrich

Johannes is a physicist and software developer. He is lead developer and maintainer of RLumModel and co-authors RLumCarlo and Luminescence.

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Manfred Fischer

Manfred is the head of the luminescence laboratory at the University of Bayreuth (Germany) and one of the founding members of our network. Between 2012 and 2020 he maintained the website.

In late 2020, Manfred decided to retire from his active role in the RLum.Network. However, he preserved his role as mentor and supporter of the idea of the RLum.Network.

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Margret C. Fuchs

Margret is a geoscientist, geochronologist and R enthusiast working as a researcher at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf. She is one of the founding members of the RLum.Network and author of Luminescence.

Currently, Margret’s research is based in the field of exploration technologies, where she develops non-invasive sensor solutions for efficient raw material characterisation. She focusses on spectroscopy-based technologies and their integration into smart networks.

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Michael Dietze

Geographer, Environmental Seismologist, Sedimentologist, R enthusiast

Micha maintains a series of packages, loosely related to Earth surface dynamics research. See Github.

Personal website:

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Norbert Mercier

Norbert is a physicist, geochronologist and research director at the CNRS based in the leading centre for archaeometry in France.

His work addresses questions of human evolution (e.g., Levant, South-Africa), where he made notable contributions to the field of archaeometry (e.g., application of thermoluminescence to flint).

Norbert is an expert in dosimetric modelling and luminescence-data analysis. He started working with R somewhat around 2014 and is an author of Luminescence.

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Sebastian Kreutzer

Sebastian is a geographer, geochronologist, data scientist and an R enthusiast. His research focusses on the recognition of rapid environmental changes over space and time with a regional focus on Germany, France and North Africa. Beyond, he made notable contributions to the field of luminescence dating (e.g., radiofluorescence) and related data analysis.

Sebastian started his R journey during his PhD, became founding member of the RLum.Network in 2012 and is lead developer of Luminescence. …

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Svenja Riedesel

Svenja is a geographer and geochronologist and is particularly interested in luminescence processes in feldspar, single grain luminescence and dose rates. Svenja joined the R.Lum Network in 2020.

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Vasilis Pagonis

Vasilis is a professor (emeritus) at the Physics Department at the McDaniel College in Westminster (MD, USA) with a specialisation in applied radiation physics and experimental solid-state physics. Moreover, he is one of the leading figures in the field of luminescence phenomena modelling. He has authored several books and >136 articles in internal peer-reviewed journals. For his modelling work, he is using several different numerical programming environments, one of them is R. He joined …

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